World Slingshot Sports Federation

WSSF, The World Slingshot Sports Federation, is the world parent body for Competitive Slingshot.
Registered Since in 2014

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We organise and oversee International competitions that include the WSSF Slingshot World Cup,  the WSSF International Slingshot Championship and WSSF Continental Slingshot Championships.
We establish the official Slingshot Sporting rules as well as the regulations  that govern the relationships between the different members of the Slingshot community.
We Are Slingshot.

Our Global Network

At WSSF, We are dedicated to Provide International Platform for the Sport of Slingshot and urge International Sports Community & National Sports Ministries to Recognise Slingshot as Competitive & Independent Sports discipline

Age Category


Category            Age              Distance


Kids           08 to 10 years         3 Meter

Sub-Junior 11 to 13 years        3.5 Meter

Junior        14 to 16 years        3.5 Meter

Youth         17 to 19 years         4 Meter

Senior        20 to 25 years         5 Meter

Adult          26 to 35 years         5 Meter

Masters     36 to 45 years          5 Meter

Veterans   Above 45 years        5 Meter

WSSF Tehnical Code of Conduct for Target Shot


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